PixxelGem Clothing is an extraordinary clothing company that is still in its embryonic stage, and we are working hard to provide our customers with clothing that is of the utmost quality, yet affordable in today’s market.  We are offering clothing, such as T-shirts, sweaters, socks, and adding other apparels as our company continues to grow.  PixxelGem Clothing will offer an incentive by giving scholarships to inner city kids towards their education from some of our proceeds.  We hope in the near future that we can be a great contributor to other charities, but our focus now is on the inner city kids toward a better education. We are also trying to purchase a larger space for our company’s production.  In order to ensure the success of our company, we are seeking contributions to help defray the costs associated with this project.

Generous donors like you are the key to our success and make it possible for PixxelGem Clothing to provide scholarships to local individuals and families in need.

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PixxelGem Clothing

Damion Marshall, CEO, Founder